Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions and we hope they can help you.

  • How Can I Subscribe?

    Head to YouTube and search for Alpha Live - Or you can click HERE and it will take you to Alpha Live's YouTube page and you can subscribe there.

  • Can I share the link to my friends?

    Indeed you can, each video on our website has a Facebook share button to enable you to instantly share to your friends.

  • How do I watch on my TV?

    You will require a Smart TV to be able to watch on your TV. There will be a YouTube App on your TV and then you can search 'Alpha Live'

  • I dont have a Smart TV, how can I watch on my TV?

    If you have a laptop, you can connect from your laptop to the TV via an HDMI cable or VGA cable

  • How can I become a commentator?

    Email us at Alpha Live by going to the CONTACT US page and sending us an email.

  • How can I join a series you live stream?

    Each series or championship we live stream have their own independant pages on our website. Head to one which you would like to be involved in, and the information how to contact them will be there.

  • How can I start Karting?

    We would recommend heading to a local circuit and trying out in their arrive and drive karts. Get a feeling for it. Then when you are ready you can head to a series like CLUB100, where you can drive in race karts but as arrive and drive. From there club racing at your local circuit in your own kart... Then F1!

  • How do I get the chance to work with Alpha Live?

    We are always looking for passionate freelance camera operators. Please head to our CONTACT US page and send us an email. We will endevour to get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I submit my own story

    Head to the stories page HERE and at the bottom, you'll find 2 ways to submit. You can either use the form built in on the website, or download the word template. Send its back to us and we will have it on the site in a few days